Piano Hinges, Latches, Handles and more

HoKon is specialized in Locking Technology and Special Engineering. Our extended product range offers Piano Hinges, Locking Devices, Turn Locks, Spring Clips and R-Clips as well. Further on we produce Tension Bands and Hose Clamps, Latches and different Hinges.
Your demands are our templates to create Piano Hinges, Spring Hinges, Weld-on Hinge Rolls e.g. in highest quality and best shape.

We offer different Surface Refinements to design your custom products, like Locking Devices, Latches, Hinges ... Precise and fast.
Also we offer Threaded Inserts by Recoil and Steel Inserts by Keenserts.


HoKon complete catalogue

Our complete catalogue contains an extended standard range. Normally we can customize for you what is not listed in this document.




Frequently we have remnants of different products in storage, in highest quality.

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Product Safety Inspector Automotive Malte Hopf

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Z: February 5 – 8, 2019

International subcontracting fair for parts, components, modules and technologies

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