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Wir sind die HoKons ...



Industrien, für die wir tätig sind

  • Railway
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Vehicle construction
  • Automotive
  • Ship construction
  • Construction- and agricultural machinery
  • Plant engineering
  • many more...


„Actions speak louder than words“

Erich Kästner

Based on this perception of Erich Kästner we want to be seen by our customers. That is how we act. We construct and deliver hardware that at first sight seems to be insignificant. However, in combination with a complex component it confers the final function.

That is why it is important to us to support the user with guidance and advice. Based on our experience we help to find the appropriate solution without distraction. We ensure our customers:

We keep what we lock.


Figures. Dates. Facts.

Hier entsteht alles ...

With 28 employees we currently distribute and produce over 35,000 different articles to serve the needs for over 3,500 active customers.

Our production area covers over 500 m2. It is linked to our warehouse from over 1.000 m2.

We do not only keep availability for our standard products high, but also offer the customer to store his ordered HoKon-made products temporarily.

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