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HoKon e.K. Verschlusstechnik & Sonderkonstruktionen is a synonym for connecting elements of highest quality. Reliability, resistance and problem-solving quality - our products fulfill all these requirements. Products such as tension bands, fasteners, thread inserts, piano hinges, functional hinges and handles deliver exactly the performance which is required by the challenges todays industries are facing every day. With the help of functional hinges it is possible to circumvent tricky assembly situations. Our inhouse construction and design department alongside with the customer is capable of working out the optimal solution for challenges in the machine building industry, the plant engineering or the air coditioning building (HVAC). We overthink the standard. Thus, leading to the according added value for our customers.

We ensure our customer: We keep what we lock!



We have hinges available with various dimensions and materials, with surface treatment, drilled or without holes

  • Hinges with integrated functionality
  • Spring hinges
  • Torque hinges hinges with different locking positions
  • Hinges with holding function
  • piano hinges
  • etc.




Tension bands

Tension bands are mostly used to fasten zylindrical bodies.

Make use of our standard parts or request an individual consultation by our engineering department.:

  • for the railway industry
  • for the pharmaceutical industry
  • for the vehicle construction industry
  • for isolation panels at thermal dump trucks
  • for motorsports
  • including fastener and worm-thread-clamps for large diameter margins
  • as fastener for sealing collars in pipeline construction
  • with multiple hooks and spring for tolerance compensation
  • with heavy milled steel-console for turbine mountsalterung

Tension bands

Locking technology

HoKon represents well-known companies such as Camloc. In allianze with our partners HoKon is able to offer a wide range of products in the locking technology sector all over europe, even worldwide.

  • Quarterturns
  • Quick-release fastener
  • Locks and snapper
  • Hasps
  • Magnetic fasteners

Locking technology

Further industrial activities:

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