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Simple usability and perfect matching functionality - based on this features HoKon is engineering and producing products.

In consulation with our construction department we develop products that hardly face any limits.

Whereas choosing from a variety of locking systems, lengths and widths from hinges and tension bands or choosind from many different materials - We do serve your exact wishes and requirements.

High quality from manufacturer starting at 1 piece

The low minimum order quantity starting at 1 piece in combination with high flexibility and a consistent delivery perforamcne proof us being a high performing partner in the railway sector. Especially, in project-based orders or maintenance services HoKon is the ideal partner. With the range of thread inserts over hinges and tension bands to sealing and whole locking solutions. As a partner HoKon can work as a complete solution provider for your application.

Since the beginning of 2019 we do officially serve the standards of the International Railway Industrie Standard (ISO/TS 22163). With the help of the certification HoKon is holding a competitive advantage in the railway sector as c-part supplier. Because of this HoKon was able to develop and deliver first tension bands for application in so called hydrails.

Alternative drive technology

On top of that HoKon is active in the area of hydrails (hydrogen-powered vehicles) with special tension bands used in fuel cell stacks. Caused by the variety of locking possibilities our tension bands have a lot of potential application fields. For example, one single tension band can be used in fuel cells with different stack-sizes. The fixation of fuel cells offers a balanced grouting of the single active surfaces. This has a positive impact on the stack power density. Moreover, the resistance against changing pressure conditions, vibrations and shock loads can be increased. We do not only increase the safety features of your product but also increase the output quantity.

We solve your problem precisely independent from quantity.


Hinges are available in different lengths and materials, surface treatments, drilled or without holes:

  • hinges with integrated functionality
  • spring hinges
  • torque hinges
  • hinges with holding positions
  • piano hinges
  • etc.


Tension bands

Tension bands for application at zylindrical objects. Profit from our standard execution or enquire individual solutions for the following application fields:

  • railway industry
  • parhaceutical industry
  • vehicle construction
  • thermal dum trucks to mount isolation panels
  • motorsports
  • fasteners and heavy worm drive hose clamps for large diameter differences
  • fastening of sealing collars in piping construction
  • with multiple hooks and spring for telerance compensation
  • with heavy milled steel-console e.g. for a turbine mount

Tension bands

Locking technology

We do represent well-known companies such as Camloc. In cooperation with our partners we are able to offer an extensive range of products of locking technology in Europe.

  • quarter turns
  • quick-release fastener
  • locks and snapper
  • hasps
  • magnetic catches

Locking technology

Further industrial activities:

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