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Utility Vehicles

Reliable, durable and problem-solving oriented products are our distinction. That is why we serve the utility vehicle industry for years now. Starting with thread inserts sized M2, to optimize holding forces in low stable surfaces, to hinges with holding powers of over 10,000 kg HoKon offers all kind of locking technologies. Especially this diversity of products is real added value for utility vehicles. In combination with the flexible production possibilities we solve problems which are often not foreseeable but require fast measures. No matter if fastener, functional hinge, handles, thread inserts or tension bands. HoKon delivers according to the customers requirements in excellent quality.

We guarantee our customers: We keep what we lock!


Hinges are available in different lengths and materials, surface treatments, drilled or without holes:

  • hinges with integrated functionality
  • spring hinges
  • torque hinges
  • hinges with holding positions
  • piano hinges
  • etc.


Tension bands

Tension bands for application at zylindrical objects. Profit from our standard execution or enquire individual solutions for the following application fields:

  • railway industry
  • parhaceutical industry
  • vehicle construction
  • thermal dum trucks to mount isolation panels
  • motorsports
  • fasteners and heavy worm drive hose clamps for large diameter differences
  • fastening of sealing collars in piping construction
  • with multiple hooks and spring for telerance compensation
  • with heavy milled steel-console e.g. for a turbine mount

Tension bands

Locking technology

We do represent well-known companies such as Camloc. In cooperation with our partners we are able to offer an extensive range of products of locking technology in Europe.

  • quarter turns
  • quick-release fastener
  • locks and snapper
  • hasps
  • magnetic catches

Locking technology

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