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Camloc Latches

How it operates

  • Tension latches are a safe locking system for industrial applications. They can take high tensile loads. Lateral forces must be kept off the tension latch by the design of the parts linked with each other.
  • Via lever action, the panels connected with the tension latch and the strike are pulled together. If necessary, a stop must be provieded.
  • Positive lock is achieved when drawhook center is beyond the common center line of the base and strike.
  • For unlocking the secondary lock is operated and the handle lifted. For locking, the secondary lock automatically engages.
  • Most of the tension latches can be adjusted by a drawhook. For fixed series, a spring-steel drawhook serves for tolerance compensation.


Special Fasteners:

  • Special fastener, spring
  • Special fastener, locking device, springy/elastic
  • Special fastener, lock eye, springy/elastic
  • Special fastener, springy/elastic
  • Special fastener, adjustable

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