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Hinges for Automotive and Plant Engineering

Series for automotive and plant engineering hinges

Discover different series for automotive and plant engineering hinges that include grub screws made from stainless-steel, hardened steel or zinc plated. Both material and surface from series HF10, HF30, HF40 and HF50 are available in chromed die-cast zinc (Zamak), black finish, satined stainless-steel or untreated polyamide. All series are appliceable with variety in leg width, lengths as well as included or excluded holes.



Our high-quality  hinges for industrial use provide high stability and long lifetimes for door panels, housing for machinery and comparable application fields. HoKon delivers hinges for inside and outside use depending on the chosen material and surface treatment. You can choose from a wide range of offered hinges for vehicle construction and industrial plant engineering in many different dimensions, divisions, diameters including or excluding holes to meet the customers requirements to an outstanding level.

Our series at a glance:

HF01 (with stainless-steel pin)

  • Material and surface: die-cast zinc (Zamac) in chrome or black coated
  • With holes and countersinks 

HF10 (with stainless-steel pin)

  • Material and surface: Stainless-steel satined, polyamid untreated, die-cast zinc (Zamac) in chrome or black coated
  • With holes and countersinks

HF30 (with threaded pin and threaded countersink)

  • Material and surface: die-cast zinc (Zamac) chromed, black coated, stainless-steel satined or polyamid untreated
  • With or without holes and countersinks

HF40 (with threaded and / or stainless-steel pin) / HF50 (with threaded and / or stainless-steel pin)

  • Material and surface: stainless-steel satined, die-cast zinc chromed or black coated
  • With or without holes and countersinks 

HS50 (with internal thread and stainless-steel pin) /
HS40 (with stainless-steel pin) /
(with pin from hardened steel)

  • Material and surface: die-cast zinc (Zamac) chromed or black coated

HF59 (with threaded pin)

  • Material and surface: die-cast zinc (Zamac) black coated
  • Without holes and countersinks

Special construction according to individual requirements

If special requirements are not covered by our standard product portfolio we offer the possibility to produce hinges and all kind of locking technology according to the customers needs. Simply provide us with a sample or a drawing and we double-check production- and delivery possibilites. According to the result we provide you with an offer. In case no sample or drawing can be provided our technical department and engineers are able to develop the required solution together with the customer.

Extensive choice and further hinge solutions

HoKon, as an expert for locking technologies in automotive- and plant engineering hinges, offers a broad spectrum of more hinges for various uses. We do offer brass, sectional steel and aluminium hinges as well as all kind of other locking technologies. The hinges can vary in size, form, material and can have different surface treatments. Moreover, we can add drillings at requested positions with sized needed. Even if you cannot find the required hinge in our standard product portfolio HoKon is able to produce special hinges according to your needs with the help of our product designers and engineering team.

ISO-Certificates for quality and sustainability

Customer satisfaction and quality products are our number one priority. becase of this claim we did certify our company by the quality management standard ISO 9001, ISO/TS 22163 and ISO 14001 environmental management system. Included requirements of these standards are proven by continous audits and the continual improvement process which is lived by all our employees. The standards are valid for development, construction and distribution as well as technical advice and service for the application of hinges.

If you have questions about our hinges for the automotive industry or plant engineering applications you are welcome to contact us via telephone, email or fax. We will be happy to advise you.

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