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1001.00/566 x 27 mmStahl unbehandelt
1001.01/566 x 27 mmStahl vernickelt


Turn Locks

Choose between our huge range of sash locks and accessories, depending on materials, dimensions, editions and surface refinements.

Even if you can not find your desired component, just make an enquiry. Because we have the opportunity to produce a multiplicity of different types even in small amounts.


  • sash lock, DIN 50958, DIN 50955
  • sash lock, plateairfoil, galvanised steel
  • sash lock, operation, two way key bit, squarecut, three-edged
  • sash lock, tongue, catch tongue, galvanised steel, stainless steel
  • sash lock, barstock
  • sash lock, casing top, galvanised steel, stainless steel
  • Drehriegel-Gehäusekopf Stahl verzinkt oder Zamak oder Edelstahl
  • sash lock key, two way key bit, squarecut, three edged
  • cylinder sash lock
  • sash lock, clamp handle, lever handle, button handle
  • extension for sash locks
  • sash lock cover


Further details can be found in this PDF data file:



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