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Adhesive Rubber Buffer

selbstklebende Gummipuffer

You may choose from our very large assortment of adhesive rubber buffers according to different forms, dimensions, shore hardness, colors and damping characteristics.

In the case the wanted product is not illustrated in the layout, please send us an enquiry. We are able to prduce a multiplicity of different components with little effort, even in small quantities.

Our adhesive rubber buffers offer you the following benefits: 

  • easy handling
  • perfect abrasion resistance
  • elastic, break-proof, indestructible
  • no marking off, no damage on the surface
  • vibration- and shock absorbing
  • excellent resistance to attrition and slipping
  • antifriction and antiskid
  • does not contain diluent/flexibiliser, oils or extender
  • RoHS-conformable
  • UL-certificated

Further details can be found in this PDF data file:



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